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Binary Ninja prototype written in Python
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Binary Ninja

This is the Binary Ninja prototype, written in Python. See for news and updates about Binary Ninja.

This source code is released under the GPLv2 license. The individual disassembler libraries (which include,, and are released under the MIT license.

Binary Ninja and the Binary Ninja logo are trademarks of Vector 35 LLC.

Running Binary Ninja

Binary Ninja is cross-platform and can run on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and FreeBSD. In order to run Binary Ninja, you will need to install a few prerequisites:

You can start Binary Ninja by running in the Python interpreter.

Windows Step-by-step Instructions

  • Install the latest Python 2.7.
  • In a command-prompt, run:
    cd \Python27\Scripts
    pip install PySide
  • Install SourceTree or GitHub for Windows
  • Clone to a local folder using whichever tool you installed.
  • Run from the directory you cloned the source code into
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