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Looks for more potential issues with change outputs
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doc-hex committed Oct 29, 2019
1 parent 36b7e6f commit fe5cced65e66f42b4a24d59d1c3a96a010ed4158
Showing 1 changed file with 77 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -1114,6 +1114,83 @@ def consider_outputs(self):
self.warnings.append(('Big Fee', 'Network fee is more than '
'5%% of total value (%.1f%%).' % per_fee))

# Enforce policy related to change outputs

def consider_dangerous_change(self, my_xfp):
# Enforce some policy on change outputs:
# - need to "look like" they are going to same wallet as inputs came from
# - range limit last two path components (numerically)
# - same pattern of hard/not hardened components
# - MAX_PATH_DEPTH already enforced before this point
in_paths = []
for inp in self.inputs:
if inp.fully_signed: continue
if not inp.required_key: continue
if not inp.subpaths: continue # not expected if we're signing it
for path in inp.subpaths.values():
if path[0] == my_xfp:

if not in_paths:
# We aren't adding any signatures? Can happen but we're going to be
# showing a warning about that elsewhere.

shortest = min(len(i) for i in in_paths)
longest = max(len(i) for i in in_paths)
if shortest != longest or shortest <= 2:
# We aren't seeing common input path lengths.
# They are probbably doing weird stuff, so leave them alone.
# (Remember: we are trusting the input side of things here)

# Assumption: hard/not hardened depths will match for all address in wallet
def hard_bits(p):
return [bool(i & 0x80000000) for i in p]

# Assumption: common wallets modulate the last two components only
# of the path. Typically m/.../change/index where change is {0, 1}
# and index changes slowly over lifetime of wallet (increasing)
path_len = shortest
path_prefix = in_paths[0][0:-2]
idx_max = max(i[-1]&0x7fffffff for i in in_paths) + 200
hard_pattern = hard_bits(in_paths[0])

probs = []
for nout, out in enumerate(self.outputs):
if not out.is_change: continue
# it's a change output, okay if a p2sh change; we're looking at paths
for path in inp.subpaths.values():
if path[0] != my_xfp: continue # possible in p2sh case

path = path[1:]
if len(path) != path_len:
iss = "has wrong path length (%d not %d)" % (len(path), path_len)
elif hard_bits(path) != hard_pattern:
iss = "has different hard/not hardened pattern"
elif path[0:len(path_prefix)] != path_prefix:
iss = "goes to diff path prefix"
elif (path[-2]&0x7fffffff) not in {0, 1}:
iss = "2nd last component not 0 or 1"
elif (path[-1]&0x7fffffff) > idx_max:
iss = "last component beyond idx+200 of inputs"
# looks ok

probs.append("Output#%d: %s: %s not %s/{0~1}%s/{0~%d}%s expected"
% (nout, iss, path_to_str(path, skip=0),
path_to_str(path_prefix, skip=0),
"'" if hard_pattern[-2] else "",
idx_max, "'" if hard_pattern[-1] else "",

for p in probs:
self.warnings.append(('Troublesome Change Outs', p))

def consider_inputs(self):
# Look an the UTXO's that we are spending. Do we have them? Do the
# hashes match, and what values are we getting?

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