Pinball assignment for DSA1.
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Pinball Americana

Powered by Graphos

A basic (I mean seriously basic, like it doesn't work) pinball game built by Colden Cullen and Daniel Jost. The engine and game were created for Data Structures and Algorithms 1 during our second year at Rochester Institute of Technology.

This repository carries historical significance as it is the first implementation of this engine. A bit of history:

  • Graphos v1.0 (Fall 2012), the first, just terrible version of the engine.
  • Graphos v2.0 (Spring 2013), this second version, featuring lots of new features, such as a usable UI, dynamic object loading, and a (pseudo) maintainable architecture.
  • Project 192 (Fall 2013), 192 saw double the programmers (two became four), and it is now notorious for us making a game from scratch to use for our final submission in about 10 manhours. A great testament to the power of the engine and the ability to use scripts to quickly add gameplay.
  • Dash (Spring 2014), a complete rewrite of the engine in D. The number of developers climbed to six.