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Create complexe password and recover them with your passphrase and a tag without any database
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This is a little tool that create a complexe password from a pass phrase and a "tag". By a tag it could be the website name or any word that you can easly remember.

Passphrase + WebsiteName/Label = Complexe password

  • no repetition
  • no words
  • upper case
  • lower case
  • numbers
  • special symbole

Everytime you'll use your passphrase and the tag you'll recover your complexe password.


Example i'm going to a friend house and I need to connect to Netflix that have it's own unique and complexe password to protect my account. I download the software or use it from my phone, I write my passphrase : "The dog bite the cat everyday" and simply write the corresponding tag. I'm someone that doesn't have a lot of memory so I simply use the website name as a tag : "Netflix". It will output my corresponding password

My password is :



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