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Pure C crossplatform command line tool to hide file inside a PNG image
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Hide a File inside a PNG image. One pixel = One Byte of data. You can hide in the image image_width x image_height - header_size(265) bytes.

For example a 800x480 image can have 800 x 480 - 265 = 383735 bytes ----> 383.735 kilobytes

Pixel in the image are alterated, 3 bits in the Red and Green and 2 bits in the Blue. So the Red and Green will varry in a range of 0-7 and the Blue 0-3.


Data inside Pixel

Pixel = rrrrrddd gggggddd bbbbbbdd
             ^^^      ^^^       ^^
             |||      |||       ||
           Data  = dddddddd



C1-C5 = ControlKeys to check if it's using this software.
VE = Byte that contain the version number.
S1-S4 = Uint32 that is equal to the size of the file, max file = 4go
N1-N255 = Contain the filename.

How To Use

usage: stegacito.exe [-ehv] [<file>] -i <imageFile> [-o <output>] [--version]

  <file>                    input file
  -i, --image=<imageFile>   image that contain/will contain file
  -o, --output=<output>     output file name
  -e, --extract             enable extract mode
  -h, --help                display this help
  --version                 display version info and exit
  -v, --verbose             verbose output and exit

External Library

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