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Public code release for: Flexible coordinator and switcher hubs for adaptive task control Cocuzza et al., 2020 (In Press). Journal of Neuroscience.

Carrisa Cocuzza (, The Cole Lab (

See genUsage.txt for general usage instructions and comments

Directory Structure

Ordered by project workflow (e.g., not alphabetical)

Directory: partitionDemos/

  • Contains demo code for implementing the Cole-Anticevic (CA) network partition to organize functional connectivity (FC) estimates (e.g., adjacency matrices) into a network community structure. Also contains demo code for assessing empirical resting-state reassignments in relation to the CA partition and applying this empirically adjusted partition to task-evoked FC data (and to be used for analyses represented in the following directories)

Directory: restTaskFC_Comparisons/

  • Contains MATLAB functions for computing resting-state FC and task-state FC with Pearson's Correlation Coefficient
  • Contains demo code for assessing rest-to-task changes in FC; e.g., descriptive analyses of changes to FC architecture between resting state and task-evoked state(s); as opposed to mechanistic and/or functional analyses (see below)

Directory: networkDiagnosticMetrics/

  • Contains demo code for diagnosing network-mechanisms of interest. Diagnostic metrics demonstrated include: global variability coefficient (GVC), between-network variability coefficient (BVC), and network flexibility (NF)
  • See networkDiagnosticMetrics/ for a full reference list associated with each metric (and additional info on public repositories outside of github)

Directory: cartographicMethod/

  • Contains demo code for implementing our cartographic representation of cognitive control system functioning, vis-a-vis the previously demonstrated analyses and diagnostic metrics

Directory: sampleResults/

  • Contains sample figures and videos associated with the project herein. See sampleResultsText.txt for associated text.