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A Micropub server written in Go, primarily designed for static sites.
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A Micropub server written in Go, primarily designed for static sites.


gozette was designed with static sites in mind (specifically sites generated using Hugo). However, in principle gozette can be extended to other static site generators. gozette can be run using AWS Lambda serverless functions.

This is still in alpha, but I am dogfooding gozette on my own site at

How it works

A Micropub server accepts requests from Micropub clients that allow you to publish posts (and other types of content such as likes or reposts). When gozette receives a Micropub request, it first authenticates via IndieAuth, then if the user making the request is authorized a new file will be created and committed to the website’s repository. Once this commit is pushed to the repository, a new build is triggered and the new Micropub post is published.

This setup requires that the following environment variables are set:

the repository where the site resides, e.g. Colelyman/colelyman-hugo (this assumes that the repository is on Github)
this is the branch of the site’s repository that should be updated, e.g. heads/master
a token generated to allow push access to the Github repository, generate one here

My Configuration

I have (source: Colelyman/colelyman-hugo) hosted on Netlify and gozette is running as an AWS Lambda function via Netlify.

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