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Google-Udacity FEND - Neighborhood Map Project
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Neighborhood Map (REACT) Project

A React App that provides an interactive guide to local attractions.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

Table of Contents


  • Presentation and Display

    • Interactive Google Map.
    • Pre-defined locations/attractions.
    • Attraction and address information displayed via an InfoWindow.
  • Navigation

    • Information can be selected via the 'Arrow' markers above each location.
    • Informatin can also be selected via the permanent list on left of screen.
    • Locations can be 'filtered' using the 'search' input box.
  • API

    • Google Maps API utilised for Map and location markers
    • FourSquare Venues API utilised for additional location/attraction information.


Download all the files to your local machine.

git clone
cd letsgo
npm install


Start a local Web Server via:

  npm start

Your browser should open and display the App. If your browser does not start automatically, open you browser and connect to: http://localhost:3000


Distributed under the MIT license.


Google Maps API FourSquare Venues API

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