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Yet Another LateX Template Repository

Nice LaTeX templates for university students. I was studying at ENSSAT Lannion, so there is only my university logo now - but feel free to update the logos and whatever you need...

Folders are usually organised with a params.tex file which loads libraries and tune parameters, a file report.tex which you will need to latexify in order to generate the pdf, and also sometimes a bunch of subfiles included in the main file, to make organisation even more clear.

Report Style

Article English

Green template to write sort of articles, publications, etc.

See this pdf.

Article French

Regular template to write an article (or a short report) in a school context.

See this pdf.

Beamer English

Clean Beamer presentation in English.

See this pdf.

Beamer Style

Internship Report French

Two-sided template to create end of study/6 months internship report. Makefile provided for Linux. Built to be used with university and company logos.

See this pdf.

School Report French

One sided report for school.

See this pdf.