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I've decided to port my site from wordpress to my own little Flask cms.

The idea is anything I want to edit or publish can be done through the content/ directory. For example. The file content/ would be served up at The look of the site is handled via templates/.

Also bundled into this project is a Gruntfile.js which will allow you to serve the site using BrowserSync. CSS is generated via sass which this Gruntfile.js also takes care of.


Grab a copy:

git clone
cd CWDC_Flask

Setup a virtual environment:

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Install all the required tools:

npm install

You'll also need to create a file called ./ and put in it:

SECRET_KEY = 'something_random'

Be sure to avoid tracking this file in git.

Build all the css. This would normally be handled automatically when using the grunt command on its own however since this site's just been installed best run it now:

grunt sass

Now you can set it running! This will open a browser, sometimes I need to refresh this when it first loads to get it to sync up properly.