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from urllib.request import urlopen
from urllib.parse import quote_plus
from requests import get
from www.models import Weather, Settings
from .status import AFF, OAN
from .yahoo import get_yahoo_weather
from django.utils.timezone import datetime
from django.core.cache import cache
from django.conf import settings
F_TO_C = lambda f: (f-32.0) * (5.0 / 9.0)
CONFIG = lambda: Settings.objects.first()
class TapsLocationError(Exception):
class TapsRequestError(Exception):
def _grab_forecast_data(location):
# Grab the forecast
forecast = get_yahoo_weather(
"%s,uk" % location,
return forecast
def _build_future_forecast(forecast):
data = [
"code": int(daycast["code"]),
"temp_high_f" : float(daycast["high"]),
"temp_high_c": F_TO_C(float(daycast["high"])),
"temp_low_f": float(daycast["low"]),
"temp_low_c": F_TO_C(float(daycast["low"])),
"taps": _test_taps_aff(daycast["code"], float(daycast["high"]), True),
"datetime": datetime.utcfromtimestamp(daycast["date"]),
"description": _get_description(daycast["code"])
for daycast in forecast
return data
def _test_taps_aff(code, temp_f, daytime):
# test terrible list: oan
# test if greater than temp: aff
# test elif close to boundary: oan
# must be oan
taps = {
'status': OAN,
'message': ""
if not Weather.objects.filter(code=code, terrible=True) and daytime:
delta = Weather.objects.get(code=code).delta
theshold = CONFIG().threshold + delta
if temp_f >= theshold:
taps["status"] = AFF
elif temp_f + CONFIG().delta > theshold:
taps["message"] = "...but only by a bawhair!"
return taps
def _get_description(code):
weather = Weather.objects.get(code=int(code))
return {
"english": weather.description,
"scots": weather.scots
def _is_daytime(astronomy):
sunrise = datetime.strptime(astronomy["sunrise"], "%I:%M %p")
sunset = datetime.strptime(astronomy["sunset"], "%I:%M %p")
now =
return sunrise.time() < now.time() and sunset.time() > now.time()
def _build_packet():
return {
'temp_f': 0,
'temp_c': 0,
'code': -1,
'taps': {},
'aff': False,
'message': "",
'description': "",
'datetime': str(,
'location': None,
'daytime': "$daytime",
'place_error': None,
'forecast': []
def _build_forecast(packet, raw):
# Test if we've got a valid location
if (
not raw["location"] or
not raw["current_observation"]
raise TapsLocationError()
except KeyError:
raise TapsRequestError("Bad data returned from weather service.")
# Grab the proper data
forecast = raw["current_observation"]
location = raw["location"]["city"]
# Stats
packet["code"] = int(forecast["condition"]["code"])
packet["temp_f"] = float(forecast["wind"]["chill"])
packet["temp_c"] = F_TO_C(packet["temp_f"])
packet["location"] = location
packet["description"] = _get_description(packet["code"])
packet["daytime"] = _is_daytime(forecast["astronomy"])
# Taps Aff?
packet["taps"] = _test_taps_aff(packet["code"], packet["temp_f"], packet["daytime"])
packet["aff"] = packet["taps"]["status"] == AFF
# Produce a forecast
packet["forecast"] = _build_future_forecast(raw["forecasts"])
except KeyError:
raise TapsRequestError("Cannot interpret weather data")
return packet
def is_taps_aff(code, temp_f, daytime=True):
status = _test_taps_aff(code, temp_f, daytime)
return not status['status'] == OAN
def query(location_request=None, location_default='Glasgow'):
# This is where we'll fill up our response
packet = _build_packet()
if location_request:
forecast_raw = _grab_forecast_data(location_request)
packet = _build_forecast(packet, forecast_raw)
return packet
except TapsLocationError:
packet["place_error"] = "Location '%s' unknown" % location_request
# Either there was a search error
# or no location was supplied
forecast_raw = _grab_forecast_data(location_default)
packet = _build_forecast(packet, forecast_raw)
return packet
if __name__ == "__main__":
blah = query('glasgow')
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