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Keen Collector function

This is the module that we use to send events to Keen.IO

This module exports a function which takes a configuration object.

Given a valid configuration, it will return a function that you can send arbitrary JavaSript objects to

Those objects will be sent off to Keen.IO

Example usage:

// Load up the module

var KeenCollector = require('keen-collector')

// Create your configuration object

var myConfig = {
    projectToken: "YOUR PROJECT TOKEN HERE"
    , eventCollection: "YOUR EVENT COLLECTION HERE"

// Create a collector

var myCollector = KeenCollector(myConfig)

// Send it something

myCollector({ message: "Hello, world!" })

// That object should now beein in your Keen.IO collection!


projectToken is required and must be a string

eventCollection is required and must be a string

endpoint is optional and defaults to

requestLog if true will log information about HTTP requests that are sent to Keen

responseLog if true will log information about HTTP responses from Keen