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A collaborative space for teams to maximize their productivity.

The core of the product features both an innovative live HTML5-canvas based whiteboard and a robust live code editor.

Getting Started

Modify knexfile.js to match your local database settings, then run the following commands in the terminal

$ npm install
$ createdb collaboard_dev       # Create dev database
$ createdb collaboard_test      # Create test database
$ npm run migrate               # Run migrations for dev environment
$ NODE_ENV=test npm run migrate # Run migrations for test environment
$ npm start

Now visit localhost:4000

Running the Tests

There is a basic test framework in your test/ folder. Here's how to use it:

$ npm test                 # runs all tests
$ npm test server/index.js # runs tests in a single file


No generators installed (yet). Installing one will populate this section in the README.

Made with Concatapult

See the pult docs for adding additional modules to this boilerplate.