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An Ultimate Terraform Hands-on Labs

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Terraform Labs brings you tutorials that help you get hands-on experience using Terraform, Kubernetes & Cloud. Here you will find complete documentation of labs and tutorials around Terraform CLI, Configuration Language, sub-commands, providers, Registry and much more..

Getting Started in 3 Simple Steps

Terraform Workshop/Labs

Terraform Beginners Track

Installing Terraform

From Terraform INIT To APPLY

Setting up Cloud Account


  • Deploy your AWS EKS cluster with Terraform
  • Setting up AWS account credentials
  • Launch an EC2 instance
  • Create a S3 bucket for storage
  • Launch an RDS with mysql engine
  • Deploy a Single Web Server
  • Deploy a Configurable Web Server
  • Deploy Cluster of Web Servers
  • Deploy a Load Balancer
  • Create a VPC
  • Deploy a subnet in VPC with security groups/firewall rules
  • Cleaning Up



  • Setting up Terraform for Google Cloud Platform
  • Terraform vs Google Deployment Manager
  • Launch a Compute Engine Instance
  • Create a New VPC and Public Subnet
  • Auto Scale and Load Balance the Managed Instance Groups
  • Deploy a web server
  • Cleaning Up

Managing Terraform State

  • What is Terraform State
  • Shared Storage for State Files
  • Locking State Files
  • Isolating State Files
  • File Layouts
  • Read-only States
  • Import Terraform state

Terraform Backends

  • What are terraform backends ?
  • List of supported Remote backends
  • Using remote backends in a collaborative environments

Terraform Modules

  • Why Terraform Modules
  • When to write Terraform Modules

Terraform Enterprise (TFE)

  • Additional features of TFE

  • Integration of TFE with Github

  • Creating organisation

  • Configuring backends

  • Intermediate Track - In-Progress

  • Experts Track - Not Started

Terraform Associate Certification

Core Contributors