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Alfresco Collabora Online

This project contains 3 sub-projects :

  • collabora-platform-extension : extension for Alfresco Content Services
  • collabora-share-extension : extension for Share interface
  • collabora-aca-extension : extension for Angular interface, Alfresco Content Application

If the user has the write permission, the extension adds an action Edit with Collabora™ Online on documents which can be opened with Collabora Online.

The document will be opened in an iFrame. Many users can open the same document at the same time.


You can clone the project and compile all projects :

git clone
cd alfresco-collabora-online
./ build

Before version 6.x, compile with only java8 profile :

mvn clean package -P '!java11',java8


ACS Extension

Add collabora-platform-extension-<version>.jar in the folder INSTALL_DIR/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/lib. You must configure the following properties in :

From version 0.3.1 onwards :


Prior to version 0.3.1 :


Job to clean locks

From version 0.4.1 onwards, there are a job that clean obsolete locks. To configure the job you can define in the following properties : 0/5 * * * ?

Share Extension

Add collabora-share-extension-<version>.jar in the folder INSTALL_DIR/webapps/share/WEB-INF/lib.

ACA Extension

Install the library collabora-aca-extension-<version>-dist.tgz in your project alfresco-content-application

cd ~/alfresco-content-application
npm install
npm run ng add ~/alfresco-collabora-online/collabora-aca-extension/target/collabora-aca-extnsion-<version>-dist.tgz

Modify the app.extensions.json file in the folder src/assets :

  "$references": [..., "collabora-online.plugin.json"],

Add the CollaboraOnlineModule in the extensions.module.ts file in the folder src/app/

import { CollaboraOnlineModule } from '@jeci/collabora-online-extension';
  imports: [..., CollaboraOnlineModule]

Viewer Collabora-Online

Since version 0.3.0, it is possible to replace the standard viewer by collabora online in mode read-only for supported format.

Add ViewerCollaboraModule

For that you must add the module ViewerCollaboraModule in viewer.module.ts file in the folder src/app/components/viewer

import { ViewerCollaboraModule } from '@jeci/collabora-online-extension';
  imports: [

Add Collabora Viewer

Add the component viewer-collabora-online in viewer.component.html file in in the folder src/app/components/viewer

<!-- Viewer collabora -->
<adf-viewer-extension [supportedExtensions]="supportedExtensions" #extension>
  <ng-template let-urlFileContent="urlFileContent">
    <viewer-collabora-online urlFileContent="urlFileContent" [nodeId]="nodeId"></viewer-collabora-online>

Define extensions list (prior to version 0.5.1)

Define the extensions supported by Collabora Online in viewer.component.ts file in the folder src/app/components/viewer

import * as utilsCollabora from '@jeci/collabora-online-extension';
supportedExtensions: string[] = [];
ngOnInit() {
  this.supportedExtensions = utilsCollabora.getExtensions();

Define extensions list (from version 0.5.1)

Define the extensions supported by Collabora Online in app.config.json file.

"collabora": {
    "enable": true,
    "edit": [ ... ],
    "view": [ ... ]

Add the extensions list in viewer.component.ts file in the folder src/app/components/viewer

import { CollaboraOnlineService } from '@jeci/collabora-online-extension';
supportedExtensions: string[] = [];
  private collaboraOnlineService : CollaboraOnlineService,
ngOnInit() {
  this.supportedExtensions = this.collaboraOnlineService.getExtensions();


You can start the application for local test with docker-compose.

pip install docker-compose
./ build_start

To compile and reload a project independently you can use :

# Build and reload only Alfresco Content Services
./ reload_acs

# Build and reload only Alfresco Share
./ reload_share

Then you can access applications :


Version Commits
0.1.0 Beta version
0.2.0 Delete Close button in iFrame Collabora Online
Add action fullscreen
0.2.1 Add translations for Share and Alfresco Content Application interface (Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, Norwegian Bokmål, Dutch, Hebrew Japanese, Slovak, English New Zealand, Icelandic, Portuguese Brazil, Croatian)
0.3.0 Add a viewer with Collabora Online
0.3.1 Refactoring
Back implementation for save as action ( On front this action is disabled waiting the front implementation )
0.4.0 Soft lock - Replace LoolMonitor. Display in Share interface a banner when the file is already editing by another user.
0.4.1 Add a job to clean the locks that are no longer valid
0.4.2 Update of file formats accepted by collabora 6.4.9 for view or edit mode
Fix synchronisation banners which appears in Alfresco Share 6
0.4.3 Update of file formats accepted by collabora 6.4.11 for view or edit mode
0.5.0 Fix the bug to open big files
Action SaveAs is enabled
Update of file formats accepted by collabora
Change the position the icon to edit with collabora online
0.5.1 Open files directly in edit mode when the format allows it
Configure the extensions that can be opened or edited with Collabora Online in app.config.json.
0.5.2 Looks like last CODE release (21.11) change the date format used for timestamp
0.6.0 Update to Alfresco SDK 4.4, Alfresco ACS 7.2 and Alfresco Share 7.2
Add script to help beginners.
0.7.0 Add new header to manage aspect and properties
Use Wopi protocol to pass the fully username
Code quality
Fix nullPointerException
0.7.1 Add build amp
1.0.0 Use lockService instead of the collabora aspect
Create the rendition after changes

About Jeci

This project is maintained by Jeci a french company that specializes in Free and Open Source technologies (FLOSS).

For any question or professional services, please send us an email


Extension permit to edit documents in Share and Alfresco Content Application with Collabora Online or Libreoffice Online.







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