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Welcome to the official PetaPoco repository

Originally the brainchild of Brad Robinson.

PetaPoco is maintained and extended by Wade Baglin (@pleb) and Aaron Sherber (@asherber).

Version 6 - Netstandard 2.0+, 4.0, 4.5+

Read more about the v6 update

PetaPoco is available from: NuGet PetaPoco.Compiled

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For configuration documentation, code examples, and other general usage information, see the docs.


Version 5 - Legacy

Nuget (Single file) Nuget Core (+t4 templates) Nuget Core Compiled (dll)
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PetaPoco is a tiny & fast micro-ORM for .NET

  • Like Dapper, it's fast because it uses dynamic method generation (MSIL) to assign column values to properties
  • Like Massive, it now also supports dynamic Expandos too
  • Like ActiveRecord, it supports a close relationship between object and database table
  • Like SubSonic, it supports generation of poco classes with T4 templates (V5 only)
  • Like Massive, it's available as a single file that you easily add to any project or complied. (V5 only)

Features at a Glance

  • Tiny, and absolutely no dependencies!
  • Asychronous (aka async) or synchronous: the choice is yours. (V6)
  • Works with strictly undecorated POCOs, or attributed almost-POCOs.
  • Easy to configure, including fluent configuration out of the box.
  • Helper methods for Insert/Delete/Update/Save and IsNew
  • Paged requests automatically work out the total record count and fetch a specific page.
  • Easy transaction support.
  • Better parameter replacement support, including grabbing named parameters from object properties.
  • Great performance by eliminating Linq and fast property assignment with DynamicMethod generation.
  • The query language is good'ole SQL.
  • Includes a low friction SQL builder class that makes writing inline SQL much easier.
  • Includes T4 templates to automatically generate POCO classes for you. (V5)
  • Hooks for logging exceptions, installing value converters and mapping columns to properties without attributes.
  • Works with SQL Server, SQL Server CE, MS Access, SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, Firebird, and PostgreSQL. (Oracle is supported but does not have integration tests).
  • Works under Net Standard 2.0, .NET 4.0/4.5+ or Mono 2.8 and later.
  • Has Xunit unit tests.
  • Has supported DBs integration tests.
  • OpenSource (MIT License or Apache 2.0)

Super easy use and configuration

Save an entity

db.Save(new Article { Title = "Super easy to use PetaPoco" });
db.Save("Articles", "Id", { Title = "Super easy to use PetaPoco", Id = Guid.New() });

Get an entity

var article = db.Single<Article>(123);
var article = db.Single<Article>("WHERE ArticleKey = @0", "ART-123");

Delete an entity

db.Delete("Articles", "Id", 123);
db.Delete("Articles", "ArticleKey", "ART-123");

Plus much, much more.


PetaPoco welcomes input from the community. After all, what is a product without users? If you would like to contribute, please take the time to read the contribution guide. We would also suggest you have a quick read of Contributing to Open Source on GitHub.

Contributions Honour Roll

PetaPoco is not the result of just one person's labour, but rather, the product of a combined effort by many. For those individuals who go above and beyond, we have a special place to honour them.