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@@ -6,4 +6,17 @@ PetaPoco is a tiny .NET data access layer inspired by Rob Conery's [Massive](htt
project but for use with non-dynamic [POCO]( objects. It came about because I was finding
many of my projects that used SubSonic/Linq were slow or becoming mixed bags of Linq and [CodingHorror](
+I needed a data acess layer that was:
+* tiny
+* fast
+* easy to use and similar to SubSonic
+* could run on .NET 3.5 and/or Mono 2.6 (ie: no support for dynamic).
+Rob's claim of Massive being only 400 lines of code intruiged me and I wondered if something similar could be done without dynamics.
+So, what's with the name? Well if Massive is massive, this is "Peta" massive (at about 1,200 lines it's triple the size after all) and since it
+works with "Poco"s ... "PetaPoco" seemed like a fun name!!
See here - <> - for full details.

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