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Welcome to the official PetaPoco wiki!

:exclamation: We are in process of rewriting the documentation. If something is missing please review the old documentation.

PetaPoco is a tiny, fast, easy to use micro-ORM for .NET and Mono. It is adored by many due the simple nature and ease of use for which PetaPoco represents. PetaPoco is the go-to micro-ORM and an essential utility in any decent developer’s toolkit.

Take five minutes to try PetaPoco, you’re going to love it.

Quick start

The name

So, what's with the name? When Brad Robinson created PetaPoco back 2011, he decided to name PetaPoco after the peta- units of measurement. For the why, I think it's best to quote his blog "Well if Massive is massive, this is "Peta" massive (it's now over 1,500 lines after all) and since it works with "POCO"s ... "PetaPoco" seemed like a fun name!!".


PetaPoco is available in three main flavours:

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