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Get Reactive With Spring 5 and Project Reactor Demo App


In this repo, you will find a bunch of useful code examples and patterns.

There are five branches in this repo:


  • master - contains initial Spring 4 project with the working Chat application, integrated with Gitter Channel.
  • reactive - include completed migration to Spring 5 with the adaptation of blocking JDBC driver + integration with Server-Sent Event.
  • reactive+ws - include completed migration to Spring 5 with adaptation of blocking JDBC driver + integration with reactive WebSockets.
  • template - includes the template for migration to Reactive Spring 5 with Blocking Database adaptation. This repo prepared to code and contained the list of TODOs and FIXMEs. It will be useful if you would like to start coding with Spring 5 and learn essentials of Reactive Programming with Project Reactor. If you are not familiar with Reactor 3 or RxJava, please take a look on one of those useful tutorials, and practice your self with the next codding tutorial.
  • migration-commit-machine - commit by commit migration to Reactive Spring 5 + Non-blocking, reactive DB (MongoDB in that case).


This project is based on the typical layered architecture. It includes four main folders:

  • controller - include list of endpoint for client-server communication purpose
  • services - include conceptual business logic:
    • Integration with Gitter Service
    • Statistic service
    • Messaging service for transferring messages from Gitter service through the server, store messages in the database, etc.
  • repository - Spring Data repositories for data-access purpose
  • domain - database structure representation in Java classes.


You are free to create an issue if you found one in the project.