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A statically typed and JIT-compiled template language for Java.
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Bryg is a statically typed and JIT-compiled template language for the JVM.

It is developed with these goals:

  • Templates should be intuitive. HTML, on the other hand, is not. We reduced the amount of redundancy to a minimum.
  • Templates should be fast. While our compiler is not as advanced as Java's compiler, it is guaranteed to beat other interpreted template engines in terms of speed. Instead of writing our own execution engine, we use the powerful JVM to our advantage.
  • Templates should be maintainable. Wouldn't it be awesome if a compiler checked the types of operations before the template is run with different inputs, instead of relying on comments and duck typing? That's why bryg is statically typed.

Note: The language is currently in development, so existing features could and will probably be changed.

Language Reference

You can find a language reference in the wiki.


Bryg is built with gradle. Just type

gradle build install

into your favorite command line while being in the root folder of bryg. This command will generate the parser sources with ANTLR, build the bryg sources and test sources, execute the tests and install the jar to the local maven repository.

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