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Collective Digital Studio: Slack Integration Server

Written in NodeJS and has a series of endpoints that power various Slack commands.


  • Costco - Allows for the group editing (voting) on items for the next Costco order.
    • add
      • Adds your vote to the given item.
      • /costco add coke
    • remove
      • Removes your vote for the given item.
      • /costco remove coke
    • list
      • Dumps each item and anyone that has requested it.
      • /costco list
    • reset
      • Blanks out the Costco list, presumably after you make the order.
      • /costco reset
  • YouTube - Basic YouTube functions.
    • stats
      • Pulls basic YouTube video stats in a private message or to your channel with the share command.
      • /youtube stats [share]
  • Conf - Automates notification of a new group Hangout.
    • Configured with a list of virtual conf room links (Google Hangouts), it grabs one and sends it to everyone in the list (and yourself).
    • /conf @homer @marge #springfield
  • Clj / Clojure - Evaluates any Clojure code passed to it.
    • Uses to evaluate Clojure and returns the response to the user.
    • /clj (println "testing")


  • /command
    • Shares handler with /bot, but formats the output for Slack's Commands.
  • /bot
    • Shares handler with /command, but formats the output for Slack's Outgoing Webhooks.