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Cosmos Network fullnode and Lunie web Wallet
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Cosmos Network fullnode and Lunie web Wallet for DAppNode

DAppNode is a web application and also the name of the hardware of an amazing project. Its goal is to make it extremely easy to install and run blockchain applications, full nodes and help to decentralice the nodes.

What we have develop here is the DAppNode package that inclues a complete Cosmos Full Node and its official web wallet, Lunie. With this package you can have your own Cosmos full node and host your own clone of Lunie right at home.

The build process of the package is based on dappnode-sdk

Latest version of the package (v0.0.3) maintained by La ColmenaSvQ


You can install it in your DAppnode with:

IPFS hash:


DAppNode link:


If you need a peer for IPFS you can add the node of Colm3na (in your DAppNode):


Getting Started

With these instructions you can install a Cosmos node in DAppNode and use Lunie with Ledger.


- If you are using Linux you need to follow these steps for the connection issues(described on the Ledger website.)

1. Setup

  • Check if the plugdev group exists by entering the command:
    cat /etc/group | grep plugdev
  • Follow the steps below if the previous command did not return a result
    1. Create the plugdev group:
      sudo groupadd plugdev
    2. Check if you are in the group plugdev with the command:
    3. If the output does not contain plugdev, you are not in the plugdev group. Enter the command:

      sudo gpasswd -a <user> plugdev

      Note: replace <user> by your username, e.g for user "mike", it would be: sudo gpasswd -a mike plugdev.

    4. Logout and login for the change to take effect. To verify you are now in the plugdev group, enter:

      and search for a plugdev occurrence. If it's not there, you've missed a step and should restart from step 1.

2. Add the udev rules

  1. Enter the following command to automatically add the rules and reload udev:
    wget -q -O - | sudo bash
  • You need your own DAppNode.

  • In your DAppNode install the package with:

  • Then you can go to the URL of your node, which would be something like this:
  • By placing the mouse at the bottom right above Cosmoshub-2 you can see that you are connected to your own Cosmos node.

You're connected to cosmoshub-2 via https://cosmos.public.dappnode

The first time we access the URL, warns us of the certificate, to be self-signed warns us of it as an error, we must accept it


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.



This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE file for details

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