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FeedbackPlus is an open source Javascript library that allows you to add screenshot taking & screenshot editing functionality to your feedback forms.

Available for use by cdn or via npm

The project is inspired by Google's report an issue widget, which allows you to take & edit screenshots. Under the hood, it uses the browser display API and fallbacks to html2canvas if available (see here)

Preview (demo)

Taking a Screenshot Editing screenshot

(click images to enlarge)


For more detailed instructions, see the documentation

You can find bare-minimum demo code for screenshotting & screenshot editing in the demo/simple folder



$ npm i feedbackplus
import FeedbackPlus from 'feedbackplus'

cdn via jsDelivr (or with cdnjs):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src="" defer></script>
<!-- html2canvas import is optionally, but provides better browser support -->
<script src="" defer></script>
const feedbackPlus = new FeedbackPlus();

Capture Screenshot

...and draw to canvas

const canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");
feedbackPlus.capture().then(({ bitmap, width, height }) => {
  canvas.width = width;
  canvas.height = height;
  canvas.getContext("2d").drawImage(bitmap, 0, 0);

Showing Edit Dialog for Screenshot

feedbackPlus.showEditDialog(bitmap, function (canvas) {
    // user completed edit
    FeedbackPlus.canvasToBitmap(canvas).then(({ bitmap }) => {
      canvas.getContext("2d").drawImage(bitmap, 0, 0);
  }, function () {
    // user cancelled edit