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LuaJIT FFI bindings for GLFW 3 and OpenGL.

This library contains everything needed to start a basic OpenGL app in Lua.


LuaJIT-GLFW builds bindings from the systems OpenGL and GLFW headers, as well as an included glext.h file. To build the bindings, you need to have a C preprocessor (only GCC is supported at the moment), headers for OpenGL and GLFW 3, and Python 3 installed, though the resulting file should be cross-platform compatible.

To build with GCC, just run in the repository directory. This will create a glfw.lua file, which is the only file you need to install.


To load the library, use the require function:

local luajit_glfw = require "glfw"

LuaJIT-GLFW loads the following libraries:

  • OpenGL
  • luajit_glfw.glc: #defined values for OpenGL and GLFW (this must be a Lua table instead of static const values, because OpenGL uses longs in a couple of places)
  • luajit_glfw.glu: GLU
  • luajit_glfw.glfw: GLFW
  • luajit_glfw.glext: A table that, when indexed, loads and returns the specified extension function. Ex. glext.glMyExtFuncARB(p1, p2)

You can also use the following snippet to concisely localize the libraries.

local gl, glc, glu, glfw, glext = luajit_glfw.libraries()
-- Or if you just need the libraries:
local gl, glc, glu, glfw, glext = require('glfw').libraries()

Additionally, LuaJIT-GLFW wraps GLFW functions and sets metatypes for GLFW structs for convenience. See glfw_base.lua