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Minipart is a solver for the hypergraph partitioning problem.

Hypergraph partitioning is a well-known NP-hard optimization problem. It is a common problem in computer engineering. For example, it is part of the models to optimize electronic circuit design or task allocation for distributed computing. Minipart aims at providing an open-source solver and a simple research tool to experiment with.

Minipart is under active development. It already returns good solutions, but will undergo performance optimizations and tuning on a wider range of problems.


You can compile Minipart with a recent C++ compiler, CMake and the Boost C++ libraries.

To run it:

minipart -g <FILE> -o <OUTPUT>

It accepts the hMetis hypergraph format.

For more information about the options:

minipart --help

For example, to run one of the ISPD98 benchmarks at 2% margin:

minipart -g ibm01.hgr --margin 2 


Minipart is named after Minisat, the well-known SAT solver. I am not related in any ways to Minisat's authors, but I learned a lot through their codebase and research.

For another open-source partitioner, see MLPart