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This was used to generate smaller EXE files
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@@ -1,58 +0,0 @@
-// Version 1.10
-// Jan 23rd, 2000
-// Version 1.00
-// May 20th, 1999
-// Todd C. Wilson, Fresh Ground Software
-// (
-// This header file will kick in settings for Visual C++ 5 and 6 that will (usually)
-// result in smaller exe's.
-// The "trick" is to tell the compiler to not pad out the function calls; this is done
-// by not using the /O1 or /O2 option - if you do, you implicitly use /Gy, which pads
-// out each and every function call. In one single 500k dll, I managed to cut out 120k
-// by this alone!
-// The other two "tricks" are telling the Linker to merge all data-type segments together
-// in the exe file. The relocation, read-only (constants) data, and code section (.text)
-// sections can almost always be merged. Each section merged can save 4k in exe space,
-// since each section is padded out to 4k chunks. This is very noticable with smaller
-// exes, since you could have only 700 bytes of data, 300 bytes of code, 94 bytes of
-// strings - padded out, this could be 12k of runtime, for 1094 bytes of stuff!
-// Note that if you're using MFC static or some other 3rd party libs, you may get poor
-// results with merging the readonly (.rdata) section - the exe may grow larger.
-// To use this feature, define _MERGE_DATA_ in your project or before this header is used.
-// With Visual C++ 5, the program uses a file alignement of 512 bytes, which results
-// in a small exe. Under VC6, the program instead uses 4k, which is the same as the
-// section size. The reason (from what I understand) is that 4k is the chunk size of
-// the virtual memory manager, and that WinAlign (an end-user tuning tool for Win98)
-// will re-align the programs on this boundary. The problem with this is that all of
-// Microsoft's system exes and dlls are not tuned like this, and using 4k causes serious
-// exe bloat. Very noticable for smaller programs.
-// The "trick" for this is to use the undocumented FILEALIGN linker parm to change the
-// padding from 4k to 1/2k, which results in a much smaller exe - anywhere from 20%-75%
-// depending on the size.
-#ifdef NDEBUG
-// /Og (global optimizations), /Os (favor small code), /Oy (no frame pointers)
-#pragma optimize("gsy",on)
-#pragma comment(linker,"/RELEASE")
-// Note that merging the .rdata section will result in LARGER exe's if you using
-// MFC (esp. static link). If this is desirable, define _MERGE_RDATA_ in your project.
-#ifdef _MERGE_RDATA_
-#pragma comment(linker,"/")
-#endif // _MERGE_RDATA_
-#pragma comment(linker,"/")
-#pragma comment(linker,"/")
-#if _MSC_VER >= 1000
-// Only supported/needed with VC6; VC5 already does 0x200 for release builds.
-// Totally undocumented! And if you set it lower than 512 bytes, the program crashes.
-// Either leave at 0x200 or 0x1000
-#pragma comment(linker,"/FILEALIGN:0x200")
-#endif // _MSC_VER >= 1000
-#endif // NDEBUG
@@ -4,8 +4,7 @@
#include "stdafx.h"
#include "ColorCop.h"
#include "ColorCopDlg.h"
-#include <windows.h>
-#include "AggressiveOptimize.h"
#define INI_FILE "\\Color_Cop_5.4.dat"
#define INI_FILE_DIR "\\ColorCop"

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