A collection of Colored Coins services that consist a "full node", using Docker
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Colored Coins Full Node


This repository is a collection of systems required for a Colored Coins "Full Node", all packaged together to run via Docker. They come preconfigured so that you can easily run the full stack, without having to install and configure each component separately.


Coloredcoinsd - An API to create Colored Coins transactions. Use the Block Explorer for UTXO data.

Block Explorer - This service parses the bitcoin blockchain for all Colored Coins transactions, and exposes an API that allows querying the current state.

MongoDB - Stores data for the Block Explorer.

Note on parsing optimizations

The Block Explorer's parser is not optimized, and we're planning major improvements to the way it works. However, for now parsing is pretty slow - around 2 weeks to parse the mainnet chain, or 1-2 days to parse testnet. Space requirements are also not optimized yet (but will be!): mainnet requires around 2TB and testnet around 200GB.


Disk space: 1.3TB for mainnet, 200GB for testnet (as of January 2017). This doesn't include the space required for Bitcoin Core (not included).


OS: Tested mainly on Ubuntu Linux 16.04, should work on Windows and macOS as well, but not supported.

Bitcoin Core: Also required is a synced-up Bitcoin Core client. We do not currently include this in that package as we assume most users will already be running one. You should use the following bitcoin.conf file:


You may also add testnet=1 if using testnet (also see note in Configuration). If you already have a synced Bitcoin Core client, but you are now adding txindex which wasn't on before, you'll have to use the -reindex flag the first time you run Bitcoin Core again. You may either use bitcoind or the Bitcoin Core GUI (but we recommend bitcoind).

Docker: You should install docker and docker-compose. Use the following instructions: https://docs.docker.com/compose/install/


Simply clone this repository.


You should configure the coloredcoinsd and Block Explorer services to use your Bitcoin Core instance:

In ccd/var.env, change BITCOIND_HOST, BITCOIND_PORT, BITCOIND_USER, and BITCOIND_PASS to the correct values.

In explorer/var.env, change BITCOINNETWORK, BITCOINPORT, RPCUSERNAME and RPCPASSWORD to the correct values.

The variable names are different between the 2 services for legacy reasons. We plan to consolidate them in the future.

You may also change PORT in each of this files to change the port used by each service. By default, the Block Explorer is on port 8081, and coloredcoinsd is on port 8180.

To use testnet, you should change NETWORK in explorer/var.env to testnet.


Just cd into compose-apps and run docker-compose up -d to run the node in detached mode (or remove the -d if you want logs to be printed to the console). You might need to use sudo.


See the Colored Coins API docs for coloredcoinsd endpoints.

The block explorer's API isn't fully documented yet, but you can get a good idea of what's possible from its source code: GET endpoints and POST endpoints.

Remember to use the correct port numbers for each, as defined in the Configuration step.