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Add issue template to make dealing with issues easier by having users supply relevant information upfront.
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bellwood authored and almasaeed2010 committed Nov 15, 2017
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Before opening a new issue, please search through the existing issues to
see if your topic has already been addressed. Note that you may need to
remove the "is:open" filter from the search bar to include closed issues.
Check the appropriate type for your issue below by placing an x between the
Please note that issues which do not fall under any of the below categories
will be closed.
### Issue type:
[ ] Feature request <!-- Requesting the implementation of a new feature -->
[ ] Bug report <!-- Reporting unexpected or erroneous behavior -->
[ ] Documentation <!-- Proposing a modification to the documentation -->

Please describe the environment.
### Environment:
* AdminLTE Version: <!-- Example: 2.4 -->
* Operating System: <!-- Example: OSX/Android -->
* Browser (Version): <!-- Example: Chrome (Latest) -->

BUG REPORTS must include:
* Steps or URL needed to reproduce the bug/issue
* Any relevant error messages (screenshots may also help)
* A snippet of your markup (where applicable)
FEATURE REQUESTS must include:
* A detailed description of the proposed functionality
### Description:

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