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@REJack REJack released this Oct 2, 2019 · 51 commits to v3-dev since this release

Release Notes

  • fixed some html markups
  • added multi level example in sidebar
  • added support for .text-sm with brand-link, main-sidebar & main-footer
  • added .nav-flat style with child-indent support
  • added sidebar form support (e.g. search input)
  • created a fully new javascript plugin called Toasts
    • easy and simple toast injector, based on boostrap 4 toasts
  • enhanced Treeview.js
    • changed next() to find() in Treeview toggle()
  • added .dropdown-icon for icon only dropdown toggles
  • enhanced docs
    • added components/
    • updated
    • updated components/
  • enhanced plugins preparation
  • added ability to add nav tabs inside card header
  • enhanced default select2 theme
  • added/updated plugins
    • added pace progress demo (existing plugin)
    • added bootstrap-switch
    • updated pdfmake to 0.1.59
    • updated fontawesome-free to 5.11.1
    • updated flag-icon-css to 3.4.0
    • updated sweetalert2 to 8.17.6
  • and many more little css/js fixes

For the complete changelog look here.

Thanks for the great response for v3.0.0-rc.1.

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