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AdminLTE 3.0.0-rc.6

@REJack REJack released this
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Release Notes

  • fixed collapsed sidebar autocollapse bug
  • fixed unnecessary margin in list in timeline component
  • updated dependencies & copied to plugin/
  • updated devDependecies
  • fixed ::placeholder generation with autoprefixer
  • added alert-default-* class for bootstrap4 legacy style
  • fixed border-top for card-outline-tabs nav-item
  • fixed content margin with active sidebar overlay
  • added abilty to use select2 with input-group
  • fixed fixLayoutHeight on pushmenu collapse/expand event & removed auto expand sidebar on resize
  • fixed select2 multiple padding bottom
  • changed input placeholder color with lighten
  • added bs-custom-file-input plugin
  • fixed select2 init bug in forms/advanced.html
  • fixed box-shadow with select2 bootstrap4 theme
  • enhanced scss structure & compiled size

For the complete changelog look here.