Core and desktop wallet for the ColossusXT cryptocurrency (COLX)
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COLX Core integration/staging repository

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COLX is a cutting edge cryptocurrency, with many features not available in most other cryptocurrencies.

  • Anonymized transactions using the Zerocoin Protocol.
  • Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transactions, we call it SwiftX.
  • Decentralized blockchain voting providing for consensus based advancement of the current Masternode technology used to secure the network and provide the above features, each Masternode is secured with collateral of 10 M COLX

Coin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block

ColossusXT is an open source, peer-to-peer, energy-saving, community driven, decentralized and modern PoS 3.0 Masternode-Cryptocurrency. ColossusXT has active wallet development and brings new features and active community involvement.

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Terms of Service: ColossusXT software is an experimental software. There is no guarantee given here. Use it at your own risk and please do your due diligence when investing.

ColossusXT – Extremely resource friendly | Lightning fast | Stealth Anonymous