Colu's easy to use SDK for driving the Colored-Coins protocol for digitial assets on top of the Bitcoin blockchain
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$ npm i colu


Full documentation for this Module can be found here:

Running as a standalone server

To run as a standalone server you need to install Node.Js and NPM. Then install the colu module globaly like this:

$ npm i -g colu

Then just run it from the terminal like this:

$ colu

And now you can use JSON-RPC 2.0 requests to use the Colu SDK. By default it will be hosted at : and will be locked to local host only.



$ mocha


Build image

    docker build -t colunodejs .

Run image in a container

    docker run -p 8080:80 -it colunodejs

You should now be able to make your api calls to port 8080 on your host machine (or select another port, say 1234, by running instead with docker run -p 1234:80 -it colunodejs)

View your container running

  docker ps

Stopping the container

Since we are running in interactive shell mode -it you can stop the container by pressing CTRL+C