These are the markdown sources for all the platform guides of Parse.
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Parse Docs

These are the markdown sources for all of the platform guides of Parse. The content for the guides is stored in this repo, and we use a Background Job to process the markdown and store it in a Parse app. The guides you see on our website are simply served from this Parse app!

Repository Structure

The guides are organized first by language, then by platform. Each platform directory contains a set of markdown files, one for each main section in the guide.

├── {language}
│   └── {platform}
│   │   └── {section}
│   └── common
│       └── {section}
├── .gitignore
├── tokens.json

For example, /en/ios/ contains all of sections for the iOS guide in English. You'll notice a common folder in each language. This folder contains content that is shared amongst all of the platforms. That helps us avoid duplicating content unnecessarily.

How Do I Contribute?

If you have any fixes or suggestions, simply send us a pull request! The documentation will be regenerated from master as needed.

Can I Access The Docs Offline?

This repository is public and all the files are in markdown. If you'd like to keep a copy locally, please do!