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An analog circuit that consists of a transmitter and receiver for an ultrasound system.
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Analog Frontend PCB

This folder contains the design files for the analog circuitry required for a single channel of an ultrasound imaging system.

See the drawings folder for a high-resolution PDF version.

See the drawings folder for a full resolution PDF version, including each layer individually.

Bill of Materials

See Analog_Frontend.html.


  • v1.0 Initial design
  • v1.1
  • v1.2
  • v1.3 Added a row of header pins and silkscreened labels
  • v1.3-doc Added documentation
  • v2.0 Minitiarized design
  • v2.1b Single transistor transmitter
  • v2.2_op1 Single transistor transmitter with higher output power
  • v2.2_op2 Push-pull transmitter using DMN2004K and DMP2004K MOSFETs
  • v2.2_op3 (Work in Progress) Transmitter using the MD1213 and TC6320 ultrasound transmitter chips

Each version can be accessed in this repository through the git tag system.


Designed by William Meng, Cindy Xiao, and Ruoyu Sheng.

The VGA subcircuit design was adapted from the AD8331 evaluation board.

Community-developed KiCAD symbols and models:

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