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The ORBIT Mobilty Model (SOLAR) and the Comunity-based Mobility Model (CMM) are synthetic mobility models to simulate mobility of nodes in ad-hoc networks. The code in this repository is an implementation of these models for the INET Framework of the OMNeT++ simulator.

Here are the most important links to these models working.

  1. Requirements - Prerequisites

  2. Install OMNeT++, INET Framework and the mobility models (SOLAR and CMM) - Install and Build

  3. Run models - Running Models


These models have been tested on the following versions of INET and OMNeT++.

  • OMNeT Version 5.5.1
  • INET Framework version 4.1.1

Install and Build

Follow the following procedure to install and build the models.

  1. Install and build OMNeT++

  2. Create a new workspace in the OMNeT++ IDE

  3. Install and build the INET Framework in the created workspace

  4. Copy all the files of the two subfolders (examples and src) in to the freshly installed INET, maintaining the same folder hierarchy

  5. Rebuild INET

Running Models

  1. Use the omnetpp.ini files provided in the examples for SOLAR and CMM to run the mobility models

Here are some important information.

  • To run the mobility models with random configurations, set the isRandom (for CMM), isProbabilityRandom (for SOLAR) and isPositionRandom (for SOLAR) variables to true in the omnetpp.ini

  • To run the mobility models with pre-calculated matrices, set address (for CMM), probabilityAddress (for SOLAR) and positionAddress (for SOLAR) to the locations of the CSV files of the matrices. Examples are given in the cmm_parameters and solar_parameters folders. The order of the file names are the selection (execution) order.


This code uses a lightweight C++ template library called Eigen for linear algebra computations. This library, which is included with this code, is released by the original authors of the code under the Mozilla Public License ver 2.0.


The developed mobility models are released under GPL ver 3.0 and the Eigen library is released under the Mozilla Public License ver 2.0 by its authors.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to anyone of us listed blow using

  • Vishnupriya Parimalam
  • Anna Förster
  • Asanga Udugama

Model Developers

The implementation of these mobility models were designed and developed by,

  • Leonardo Sarmiento
  • Vishnupriya Parimalam


CMM and ORBIT mobility models for OMNeT++







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