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Symfony2 workshop

Workshop goals

The goal of this demo application, is to start using the Symfony2 components in a legacy application. Once the components have been studied separately, the application can be modified to use the full-stack framework.

NOTE: This application is just a starter, this code is in no way production code.

This is a web application to share e-books in .pdf format, users win or loose points by using the application.

This application has two main roles, a reader and an administrator. The reader perfoms the following actions.

  • Search books by title and author.
  • Share its own books (It adds 15 points for each book).
  • Download a book (This action cannot be done with less than 10 points). Each time a reader downloads a book 2 points are used).
  • Star a book (It adds 5 points).
  • Write a book review. Reviews are moderated by the administrator, if a review is published the reader wins 10 points.