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Android Quick Start

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Here are some quick steps to get you started with PandwaRF.

  1. Download PandwaRF Android application

  2. Connect an antenna to the PandwaRF

  3. If it is the first use after unpacking the device, you need to charge and wake up PandwaRF. To wake up:

    • Preferred method: Plug PandwaRF onto an USB power source (the Orange & Blue lights will blink slowly to indicate charging & BLE advertising), or
    • Alternative method: Open the plastic enclosure and press any button (the Blue light will blink slowly to indicate BLE advertising).
  4. For an explanation on the LEDs' meaning, check LEDs Indication States

  5. If Android displays a message asking you if you want to pair with your PandwaRF, refuse the pairing. I repeat: Do not pair Android with PandwaRF. Pairing causes a lot of issues, and generally PandwaRF BLE services are wrongly discovered when pairing is used, causing the PandwaRF to be unusable. If you previously have already done pairing, clear the Bluetooth Device cache. Update Jan 2018: pairing/bonding is now supported.

  6. Check that GPS is enabled. See why in Android Permissions.

  7. Start the PandwaRF Android app. From the Scan tab, all the nearby PandwaRF devices will be searched automatically.

  8. If Android pops up a dialog to request for location and storage permission, you need to grant access. (Cf request permissions)

  9. Choose the PandwaRF to connect to by clicking on it. The blue LED will stop blinking and remain ON. The app screen will change to Bus Service tab, showing you the device information (MAC address, battery level, RSSI level, enabled features, etc...).

  10. Navigate to "RX/TX" to start having fun...

  11. When you are done having fun, you can disconnect from the device using the "Disconnect" button.

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