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Project Information General Overview

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PandwaRF is a RF hacking tool used to:


  • Capture any data in ASK/OOK/MSK/2-FSK/GFSK modulation from the frequency range: 300-348 MHz, 391-464 MHz and 782-928 MHz
  • Transfer the captured data to your smartphone & save/share it
  • Send the captured data in JSON to your own server for post-processing
  • Write your own scripts or use a provided one


  • Transmit previously captured data or write your own
  • Transmit data from a smartphone or directly from PandwaRF
  • Brute force with a predefined transmission pattern (encoders or devices)
  • Transmit power: +10dBm


  • Visualize the frequency used by any device using the PandwaRF built-in Spectrum Analyzer
  • Directly show the maximum and average RSSI for a specific frequency band
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