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Project Information Possible Applications

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Possible applications

  • Receive keyfobs transmission (car, alarm, gate opener, …)
  • Replay captured transmission from keyfobs
  • Replay a modified captured transmission
  • Transmit your own custom payload
  • Capture RF data and transmit it on another frequency
  • Brute force wireless devices (alarms, gate openers etc)
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Find the frequency used by a RF device
  • Reverse engineer unknown protocols
  • Measure the data rate of a transmission
  • Check the RF jam-resistance of your own devices
  • Send captured data to a server for post-processing
  • Write custom Javascript scenarios
  • Develop your own Android application


PandwaRF is a test equipment for RF systems. It has not been tested for compliance with the regulations governing the transmission of radio signals. You are responsible for using your PandwaRF legally. The intentional jamming of RF signals is ILLEGAL. PandwaRF is designed for low power jamming and should only be used for testing the robustness of your own devices.

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