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You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days for a full refund.

We also provide a 1-year warranty from the date when the product is shipped.

In case your PandwaRF stops working:

  1. Check the wiki or the forum to verify it is not a know issue and if a fix is available
  2. Please contact us first at We will discuss the issue and see if it can be resolved remotely.
  3. If we can't fix the problem this way and the product needs to be repaired or replaced:
  4. Send us your PandwaRF at the following address: ComThings SAS, Immeuble Premium, Bat A, 61-63 avenue Simone Veil, 06200 Nice, France. When shipping the package please make sure to state that it is a returned product (RMA) with declared value 0.
    Do not ship anything to us until agreed with us.
  5. We'll investigate the issue and what caused it!
  • If the failure is due to electronic or component problems: we'll send you a new PandwaRF and refund your shipping costs
  • Otherwise: we'll determine the repair costs, which will be at your charge.
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