Simple rollup plugin for minifying code using babel-preset-minify.
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Allows using babel-minify with Rollup.


npm install rollup-plugin-babel-minify [--save-dev]


import { rollup } from 'rollup';
import minify from 'rollup-plugin-babel-minify';

rollup( {
	input: './src/index.js',
	plugins: [
		minify( {
			// Options for babel-minify.
		} )
} );

For the list of options, check babel-minify preset's docs.

There are additional options:

  • comments (default: true): indicates if comments should be preserved in source;
  • banner (default: undefined): the comment which should be prepended to the transformed bundle;
  • bannerNewLine (since 4.0.0, default: false): indicates if the banner comment should be followed by a new line;
  • sourceMap (default: true): indicates if sourcemap should be generated.


See LICENSE file for details.