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react/materialUI app deployed with docker to AWS Elastic Beanstalk
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Run the application

Ensure that docker is installed. ( Read about docker-compose here (

docker-compose up --build (this will build the container and run it; it runs docker-compose build; docker-compose up)

To confirm that the application is running navigate to localhost:3000


We are using create-react-app's test runner + react-testing-library + jest-dom for tests. create-react-app's test runner uses jest. react-testing-library is well suited for unit, component, and integration tests. jest-dom is used for more robust asserts.

(More information:,,,

Because we have not ejected from create-react-app in order to add/use mocks during the execution of tests the mocks need to be specifed in /src/setupTests.js. This is a default supported by create-react-app.

To run the tests:

yarn test (this will start the watcher by default)

To get test coverage:

yarn test -- --coverage


The application is deployed via gitlab ci/cd + AWS's EB/ECR services.

Read about gitlab ci/cd ( and inspect .gitlab-ci.yml.

Read about AWS's EB service ( and ECR (

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