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iTop stands for IT Operations Portal. It is a complete open source and web based IT service management platform including a fully customizable CMDB, a helpdesk system and a document management tool. It is ITIL compliant and easily customizable and extensible thanks to a high number of adds-on and web services to integrate with your IT.

iTop also offers mass import tools to help you being even more efficient.


Latest release


About Us

iTop development is sponsored, led and supported by Combodo.


We would like to give a special thank you 🤗 to the people from the community who contributed to this project, including:


  • Alves, David
  • Beck, Pedro
  • Beer, Christian (a.k.a @ChristianBeer)
  • Bilger, Jean-François
  • Bostoen, Jeffrey (a.k.a @jbostoen)
  • Cardoso, Anderson
  • Cassaro, Bruno
  • Casteleyn, Thomas (a.k.a @Hipska)
  • Castro, Randall Badilla
  • Colantoni, Maria Laura
  • Couronné, Guy
  • Dvořák, Lukáš
  • Goethals, Stefan
  • Gumble, David
  • Kaltefleiter, Lars (a.k.a @larhip)
  • Khamit, Shamil
  • Kincel, Martin
  • Konečný, Kamil
  • Kunin, Vladimir
  • Lassiter, Dennis
  • Lazcano, Federico
  • Lucas, Jonathan
  • Malik, Remie
  • Mindêllo de Andrade, Lucas (a.k.a @rokam)
  • Mozart de Oliveira, Eduardo (a.k.a @eduardomozart)
  • Raenker, Martin
  • Roháč, Richard (a.k.a @RohacRichard)
  • Rosenke, Stephan
  • Rudner, Björn (a.k.a @rudnerbjoern)
  • Seki, Shoji
  • Shilov, Vladimir
  • Stukalov, Ilya (a.k.a @ilya-stukalov)
  • Tulio, Marco
  • Turrubiates, Miguel


  • chifu1234
  • cprobst
  • DudekArtur
  • Karkoff1212
  • Laura
  • nv35
  • Purple Grape
  • Schlobinux
  • theBigOne
  • ulmerspatz