OSCAR - OpenSource Cablemodem file AssembleR - DOCSIS, PacketCable, DPoE Configuration Editor and API Framework
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OSCAR - OpenSource Cablemodem file AssembleR

OSCAR is a Java-based CableLabs® Configuration File Builder API for DOCSIS®, PacketCable™, DPoE™ and DPoG™.



Travis CL Build Status

Build Status


  • Configuration Merge Bulk Build
  • NetSNMP OID Description
  • Dotted or Textual OID Text Configuration File Output
  • Toplevel TLV HEX Dump

2015 TODO's Features

  • ADD REST Support - 2015
  • DPoG Support - Later 2015
  • ADD Extended CMTS MIC
  • Provide GUI Support to ADD/EDIT TLV Types to SQLite Database (soon)
  • Compile a JSON to Configuration File via CLI Later 2015
  • Complete CLI Interpreter functionality(API Started)
  • Edit Service Flow via Service Flow ID Directly

Known Issues

  • Add Multiple CommonTlvInserts at one time