A Slack slash command integration for querying your team's Akamai configuration
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A Slack slash command integration for querying your team's Akamai configuration.


npm install akamai-slack-reporter


Once deployed & configured, akamai-slack-reporter provides the following queries to your slash command integration:

# Available GTM traffic commands:
# https://developer.akamai.com/api/luna/config-gtm/overview.html

/slash-command domains
/slash-command domain <domain.akadns.net>
/slash-command datacenters <domain.akadns.net>
/slash-command datacenter <dataCenterId> <domain.akadns.net>
/slash-command properties
/slash-command property <propertyName> <domain.akadns.net>

# Available property commands:
# https://developer.akamai.com/api/luna/papi/overview.html

/slash-command groups
/slash-command products <contractId>
/slash-command hostnames <groupId> <contractId>
/slash-command hostname <hostId> <groupId> <contractId>
/slash-command digitalproperties <groupId> <contractId>
/slash-command digitalproperty <propertyName> <groupId> <contractId>
/slash-command digitalpropertyversions <propertyName> <groupId> <contractId>


Instantiate your akamai-slack-reporter:

var AkamaiSlackReporter = require('akamai-slack-reporter'),
    reporter = new AkamaiSlackReporter({
      // NOTE: defaults to AKAMAI_EDGEGRID_CLIENT_TOKEN env var
      clientToken: '<your-akamai-client-token>',

      // NOTE: defaults to AKAMAI_EDGEGRID_CLIENT_SECRET env var
      clientSecret: '<your-akamai-client-secret>',

      // NOTE: defaults to AKAMAI_EDGEGRID_ACCESS_TOKEN env var
      accessToken: '<akamai-access-token>',

      // NOTE: defaults to AKAMAI_EDGEGRID_HOST env var
      host: '<your-akamai-host>',

      // NOTE: defaults to SLACK_TOKEN env var
      slackToken: '<your-slack-token>',

      // NOTE: defaults to INCOMING_SLACK_WEB_HOOK_PATH env var
      hookPath: '<your-slack-incoming-web-hook-path>'

Next, deploy the akamai-slack-reporter instance to some-url.com.

Last, configure a Slack slash command integration to perform POST requests to your akamai-slack-reporter instance at its /integration endpoint: https://some-url.com/integration

Local development

npm install
npm test