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The goal of this project is to provide CEA-608 caption support to web browsers for use with fragmented MP4 playback within an MSE HTML5 source buffer. This project should deal with the parsing and display of this data within the browser. A node utility may be provided for debugging, utility, and testing purposes. A web worker will be provided in order to perform the work in a separate thread if possible. The API should be minimal and work with ArrayBuffer objects which would get appended to an MSE source buffer.

CEA-608 caption data is still widely used in the cable industry, there doesn't seem to be many plans for providing native support for this format in the browser. This tool will hope to provide functionality in regards to parsing and displaying this data for a video element in the browser. The most simplest form of this will be conversion of the CEA-608 data to VTT format for use with a text track. In situations where styling information is required to be displayed the HTML and CSS will be provided to render this data on the DOM.

Node utility tool

node bin/index.js input.mp4

[00:00:59 -> 00:01:01]             (BEEPING)           
[00:01:02 -> 00:01:03]          (COIN DROPPING)        
[00:01:05 -> 00:01:07]         My name's Ralph,        
[00:01:05 -> 00:01:07]         and I'm a bad guy.      
[00:01:10 -> 00:01:15]  Let's see. I'm nine feet tall. 
[00:01:10 -> 00:01:15]  I weigh 643 pounds.            
[00:01:15 -> 00:01:16]         Got a little bit        
[00:01:15 -> 00:01:16]         of a temper on me.      
[00:01:16 -> 00:01:18]     Hey, you moved my stump!    
[00:01:18 -> 00:01:20]         (GROWLING)              
[00:01:20 -> 00:01:22]      RALPH: My passion bubbles  
[00:01:20 -> 00:01:22]      very near the surface,     
[00:01:22 -> 00:01:24]      I guess, not gonna lie.    
[00:01:26 -> 00:01:27]       Anyhoo, what else? Uh...  
[00:01:29 -> 00:01:32]  I'm a wrecker. I wreck things. 
[00:01:29 -> 00:01:32]  Professionally.                
[00:01:32 -> 00:01:34]   I'm going to wreck it!        
[00:01:34 -> 00:01:36]     I'm very good at what I do. 
[00:01:34 -> 00:01:36]     Probably the best I know.   
[00:01:36 -> 00:01:38]                 (YELLING)       
[00:01:38 -> 00:01:41]      The thing is, fixing       
[00:01:38 -> 00:01:41]      is the name of the game.   
[00:01:41 -> 00:01:43]          Literally,             
[00:01:41 -> 00:01:43]          Fix-It Felix, Jr.      
[00:01:43 -> 00:01:45]           NICELANDERS:          
[00:01:43 -> 00:01:45]           Fix it, Felix!


Parsing and display logic for CEA-608 caption data in fragmented MP4 files.




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