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Zero downtime deployment plugin for Cloud Foundry


Initially built with Go 1.6.2, and CloudFoundry CLI v6.13. The below dependencies are also required.

go get
go get
go get
go get


go build cf_zdd_plugin.go


cf install-plugin cf_zdd_plugin
cf plugins


Zero downtime deployments for applications. The plugin is designed to deploy applications without impact to the current version. Current scenarios covered:

  • For a new deployment, application is pushed and started according to manifest contents
  • For a update deployment, the application is pushed and then scaled over to the new version
  • For a redeployment of the same version, the old application is renamed and the new application is pushed, the new application is then scaled over to
    The method then leverages scaleover mechanism as described below.


cf deploy-zdd myapplication -f path/to/manifest.yml -p path/to/application 15s

myapplication - my application name
-f - path to application manifest
-p - path to deployable artifact 15s - duration in which to deploy application


The deploy-canary method deploys a single instance of an application under a custom route that can then be tested against before calling the counterpart promote-canary below.

cf deploy-canary mycanaryapp -f path/to/manifest.yml -p path/to/application

mycanaryapp - my application name
-f - path to application manifest
-p - path to deployable artifact


The promote-canary method takes the deployed canary application and deploys it to become the live application, as before this utilizes the scaleover method.

cf promote-canary myapplication mycanaryapp 15s

myapplication - my application name
mycanaryapp - my canary name
15s - scaleover duration


Scaleover rolls an application from one version to another without the extra capacity needed for blue/green deployments. The duration argument is the total time taken to roll the application from the old to the new version.

cf scaleover app1 app2 15s

app1 - my old application
app2 - my new application
15s - scaleover duration