GAAD (Go Advanced Audio Decoder)
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GAAD (Go Advanced Audio Decoder)

Package currently provides AAC parsing capabilities. This package performs a full parse of AAC-LC and HE-AACv1 bitstreams. Bitstreams with Parametric Stereo (HE-AACv2) are not yet supported, but AAC bitstream data and SBR data will be extracted. The AAC decode from the parsed data to LPCM (.wav) is not yet implemented. Please help us expand and test this library!


This package currently supports AAC audio data contained in an ADTS header. All available data is returned in the adts struct and can be accessed as nested objects as presented in the AAC specification. All parameter names should be verbatim from the AAC specification, if you find an issue with this please file a bug or submit a pull request.

AAC Types

Type Description CODEC
AACLC AAC mp4a.40.2
HEAAC AAC + SBR mp4a.40.5
HEAACv2 AAC + SBR + PS mp4a.40.29


  • SBR = Spectral band replication
  • PS = Parametric Stereo


var []byte buf
buf = <ADTS+AAC data>

// Parsing the buffer
adts, err := gaad.ParseADTS(buf)

// Looping through top level elements and accessing sub-elements
var sbr bool
if adts.Fill_elements != nil {
	for _, e := range adts.Fill_elements {
		if e.Extension_payload != nil &&
			e.Extension_payload.Extension_type == gaad.EXT_SBR_DATA {
			sbr = true


VBR (Variable bitrate) and CBR (Constant bitrate) is derived from the bitstream_type attribute in the adif_header section. It is VBR if bitstream_type is true, and CBR otherwise.



Title         : Coding of audio-visual objects — Part 3: Audio
File          : ISO_14496-3-4th-Edition.pdf
Edition       : Fourth edition (2009-09-01)
Relevant Sections
    - Page 64   : 1.6.5 Signaling of SBR
    - Page 120  : 1.A.2 AAC Interchange formats
    - Page 489  : 4.4.2 GA bitstream payloads

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