This is the Go implementation of Money
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##Distributed Tracing using Go This is the Go implementation of Money

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###A Money header looks like the following

Money: trace-id=YourTraceId;parent-id=12345;span-id=12346;span-name=YourSpanName;start-time=2016-02-15T20:30:46.782538292Z;span-duration=3000083865;error-code=200;span-success=true
Span Data Description
spanId current span's identifier
traceId name for the trace
parentId current span's parent identifier
spanName current span's name
startTime current span's start time
spanDuration current span's duration time
errorCode current span's error code
spanSuccess Was the current span successful

###Functionality to handle the Money header can be added in two ways ####1. Decorate you're handlers with the Money handler

Money.Decorate( [http.Handler], Money.AddToHandler( [spanName] ))

####2. Use the Money Begin and End functions by adding them to your http.Handler

###Start server and make a request that includes a Money header

The basics to start a Money trace are a trace id name and starting span id number.