A single-page html reference application that provides some basic functionality to help you get started building HTML apps for TV.
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Install dependencies: npm install

Start the app with livereload: grunt dev, then point your browser to http://localhost:3000

How does it work?

This is a Backbone-based web app. The main HTML document is index.html.

Stylesheets are in assets/stylesheets and get automatically processed by LESS.

The app is made up of 1 top-level view, and 4 sub-views. Templates for these can be found in assets/templates and get compiled into one JST file, dist/templates.js. We use Underscore templating with a custom configuration as defined in assets/config.js.

All the javascript files ( assets/config.js, assets/views/* & assets/app.js ) are concatenated into dist/all.js.

The views are:

  • Main - this view has no template. It is just responsible for managing the rest of the views.
  • Menu - listens to keyboard input to highlight of the three sections.
  • Readme - this view has no special behaviors, it just displays text.
  • Play - further demonstrates binding to keyboard events.
  • Video - demonstrates using an <iframe> to display a YouTube video.